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NUTC Sandhouse Event: CTA's RPM Project in 2021: Progress, Challenges and Milestones
CTA's $2.1 billion RPM project, a once-in-a-generation infrastructure project, is well underway in constructing transformative improvements for CTA's customers and community partners. Since last presenting to the Sandhouse Gang a year ago, the RPM project has progressed on multiple fronts, placing new track and signal infrastructure in service to support future phases of construction, as well as beginning heavy civil construction for permanent improvements. Construction for rebuilding the four stations and the eastern two tracks and support structures between Lawrence and Bryn Mawr are underway; the major milestone of placing the grade-separated bypass track, which eliminates train traffic conflicts where Red, Purple and Brown Line trains currently intersect, is imminent. These achievements, and other work currently underway for the next phases of construction, have come with a number of challenges, as is typical for a project of this scale. These achievements, challenges and milestones will be discussed, along with a preview of the next stages of construction.
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