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Biotech by the Lake Investor Summit 2021 - Shared screen with speaker view
Neil Kelleher
@Joan and All: Note that we will make a recording of today’s event available to all attendees later this week.
Hande Ozdinler
When you develop a compound based on a mechanism, how would you plan to apply for FDA, as the mechanism is shared by multiple diseases. Would it be possible to include different patient populations to the same clinical trial?
Hande Ozdinler
Do venture investors facilitate partnerships between large companies and innovative universities? The Merck and Genentech teaming up with universities is such a wonderful example. How can we increase these interactions and teams?
Neil Kelleher
Thank you ALL for attending CLP’s Biotech by the Lake: if you have any questions, please Email: clp@northwestern.edu . On behalf of the CLP Institute at Northwestern and its Brain Initiatives, have a great year ! - Neil