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GET: Virtual Info Session (Germany, Israel, Taiwan) - Shared screen with speaker view
Tomomi Kawaguchi
Ok Thank you very much
Aaron Packman
There is overlap between the content of the sustainability and water trips, even though the locations are very different.
Abdallah Al Khawaldh
will we have access to the Germany recording if we have to leave now?
Matthew Grayson
@Amirah Ford: Regarding walking-intensive trips, be aware that aside from special considerations for mobility challenged individuals, there will be a fair amount of walking. Comfortable walking shoes, not dress shoes, will be the daily attire.
Janka Pieper
Yes, we will share the recordings with everyone who registered!
Mike McMahon
Additional information on the GET programs, including access to the online application, is available here: https://isen.northwestern.edu/study-abroad