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2021 Eugene M. Silinsky Student-Led Symposium - Shared screen with speaker view
Gabriel Rocklin
Very nice talk, thank you Yuan!
Yuan Luo
My pleasure! I need to go to an NIH study section, but will definitely watch the recording of the rest of the symposium with great interest :)
Al George - Northwestern University
Is there a distinction between a weak driver and a passenger variant that augments the impact of a strong driver?
Daniel Arango
Very nice talk! Many variants within mRNA regions do not change amino acid residues but alter other aspects of mRNA metabolism such as codon optimality, mRNA modifications, mRNA structure, microRNA biding, etc. Are those variants analyzed in the context of coding, near coding, or non-coding models?
Nikolay Markov
For the coding predictions you look at protein structure, and for the non-coding at the patient’s traits. Do you look at the effect of variants on something in-between, like a certain cell type performance, or cell properties or organs? Do you think it could be useful?